Island adventures

Posted by on 17th February 2022

As we’ve mentioned many times before, your options are pretty much endless when it comes to deciding how you’d like to spend your voucher from Holiday Voucher Shop.

One potential option is to book yourself onto an island adventure, with the chance to head off for some peace and quiet, and leave the stress of the working week well and truly behind.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together six options that you might want to consider if an island-based holiday is what you’re in the market for.

The Maldives

The Maldives comprises of a number of natural atolls spread across the Indian Ocean and is always near the top of the list for a luxury island break.

That’s partly down to the sheer beauty of the Maldives but also the fact that there are so many top quality hotels. Given the nature of the country, these tend to be located on their own private islands, making them the ideal place to get away and escape in all inclusive luxury.

Lie back on golden sands, take a swim in crystal clear blue waters or enjoy a treatment in a five star spa before dining on the beach under the moonlight.

When it comes to accommodation, you’ll be choosing from some of the options there are anywhere in the world, including rooms that open out directly onto the beach and over-water bungalows with direct access to the lagoons below.

If you want a dream holiday where doing nothing is the order of the day, this is the place to go…


Like the Maldives, Mauritius sits within the Indian Ocean but offers plenty more than the chance to just lie back on a beach and relax.

That’s not to say there isn’t the opportunity to do just that, with the island being home to some stunning sandy beaches around the coastline, but head inland and you’ll find verdant rainforests teeming with wildlife and rolling mountain ranges where you can go hiking off the beaten track.

Around the coast, there is also a large reef packed with a marine life that is perfect for scuba diving or snorkelling.

There are plenty of five star hotels in which to relax but also a range of cheaper options for those who are travelling on more of a budget, which opens up Mauritius to all kinds of different travellers.

Koh Samui

Located off the Eastern Coast of Thailand, Koh Samui is popular with travellers from all over the globe thanks to it stunning beaches and natural beauty - which can be embraced at every turn.

Chaweng, a four-mile long beach that is located on the east coast is famed for powdery white sand and is surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants for grabbing a bite to eat or a refreshing drink, whilst the beaches at Lamai and Taling Ngam - to name but two - are just as impressive.

Koh Samui is about more than just the beach, and stunning waterfalls like those found at Na Muang are well worth a visit, as are the many religious sites that litter the island. You could even end up taking a trip on the back of an elephant - which isn’t something you can do everywhere….


Created by volcanic activity that resulted in the middle of the island being lost forever to the sea, Santorini is one of the most dramatic islands in Europe and one that is instantly recognisable thanks to its picture-postcard white buildings and blue domed churches.

The dark volcanic sand on the beaches might not be what you are used to, but they are just as impressive as anything you could find elsewhere, whilst the various towns and villages dotted across the island are home to countless traditional taverns and restaurants where you can get a taste of local life.

When the sun starts to go down on an evening, the views that greet you quite simply have to be seen to be believed.


You might not want to relax and might instead be looking to let your hair down a bit on an island break, so where better to head than the party destination that is Ibiza?

The island is well known for its nightlife and some of the top names from the music world regularly head to the clubs to spin the decks and entertain the crowds.

San Antonio is the main party destination and you don’t need to spend a fortune to visit, with hotels available to cater for all budgets.

The nightlife might be legendary but there is more to Ibiza and during the day, you could head for the beach to top up your tan and make the most of the favourable weather.


Ok so this one is a bit left field, but who says an island holiday has to be all about the sun? That’s certainly not what you’d find in Iceland where glacial landscapes, hot springs and lava fields are the order of the day.

Home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in Europe, Iceland is a great option for those who want more of an adventure from their time away from home, with the chance to take special trips in four wheel drive jeeps out into the wilds.

The Blue Lagoon - a giant natural geothermal hot tub - is a must see attraction whilst the capital city Reykjavik is a fascinating place to visit, with a mixture of traditional charm alongside modern day cosmopolitan bars and restaurants.

It’s also worth noting that the Icelandic know how to throw a good party!