Villa versus Hotel

Posted by on 1st June 2022

When booking an overseas holiday, most people like to follow the tried and tested route of looking for a package break that includes flights, transfers and a hotel.

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes and cater for all manner of different travellers, from those who are travelling on a budget and simply want somewhere to sleep for the night right through to those who are seeking the ultimate in luxury with no expense spared and everything included.

Not everyone will book a hotel however, with an increasing number of people now exploring the possibility of instead securing a villa for their trip overseas - with likes of Jet2 offering packages where you can stay in your own villa rather than the traditional package break to a hotel.

But which is the better option? Here’s a few things to consider…


One obvious difference between a hotel and a villa is the options that are available when it comes to food and drink.

What meals you will get in a hotel will depend on which board option you have selected, ranging from breakfast only an B&B basis right through to three meals a day and snacks if you’ve decided to go All Inclusive.

It’s one of the main selling points of some of the top hotels, which provide guests with the chance to go on a culinary journey around the world without needing to walk outside reception.

On the downside, should you find that the food options in your hotel aren’t to your taste, then you’re stuck with them for the remainder of your stay…

Book a villa break however and in the majority of cases, you’ll be responsible for creating your own meals unless you plan to dine out every day.

Should you have special dietary requirements or allergies, the ability to cook your own food rather than rely on what a hotel might have to offer may be appealing, whilst others have the freedom to dine when they want and from whatever menu they choose.

At the same time however, do you want to spend time on holiday cooking when you could be relaxing in the sun and have someone else running round after you?

Don’t forget the washing up afterwards either…


The list of facilities in some hotels can be almost endless, with a choice of swimming pools, a shop, spa, fitness centre and a selection of sporting facilities almost becoming the norm - on top of the dining options and the various bars.

Anyone travelling with children might also enjoy the fact that they can have some time away from the kids by making use of kids clubs where youngsters can be entertained doing various different activities.

Unless you are booked into a villa that is part of a larger complex, don’t expect to have access to such a range of facilities. There may be a shop on site, but aside from that you’re on your own.

At the same time however, you’re not paying for facilities that you won’t ever use - as might be the case in a hotel.


One of the big plus points a villa might have compared to a pool is that you could gain access to your own private pool - meaning there is no need to share with anyone else.

However, that pool will obviously be smaller than you would find in a hotel when it’s for you own personal use and you might miss out on things like water slides and splash parks that are becoming increasingly common in hotels catering for the family market.


Most hotels will provide guests with some kind of entertainment programme, particularly on an evening when people want to sit down with a drink after a day relaxing in the sun or exploring the local sights.

The entertainment on offer can be hit and miss however, and there is no guarantee that what is on offer is something that will be to your taste, given a hotel is has to cater for such a wide and variety customer base.

In a villa however, you’ll have to find a way to entertain yourself on an evening so make sure you come prepared.


If you want extra privacy and to get away from the crowds, then a villa is a fantastic option because it’s your own space and you don’t need to share it with anyone else.

Obviously, you’ll not be sharing a hotel room with someone you don’t know but you will have to deal with your fellow holiday makers elsewhere in the hotel at things like meal times or when lounging by the pool.

However, if you are someone who likes to meet new people and embraces the social side of a holiday, a hotel will hold greater appeal than a villa.

Larger Groups

One area where a villa will score higher than a hotel is for a large family or a group. Booking a whole villa will allow a larger group to all stay together whereas in a hotel, the group will need to be split up between rooms and there is no guarantee that all of those rooms will be near each other in the hotel.